Just Jazz of CLE

Quintana's Speakeasy (Click link here), 2200 South Taylor Rd, Cleveland Heights, OH

  Once again, Marc and I will be joining Diane Joy & Just Jazz of CLE at Quintana's Speakeasy in Cleveland Hts.  Every been to a Speakeasy?  That's a place where one could get you "Hootch" during the prohibition days.  Legend has it that famed Cleveland syndicate boss, Moe Dalitz, would deliver booze to illegal gambling joints and speakeasy via the family laundry business.  The liquor was hidden in the laundry trucks that passed through Cleveland, Stuebenville, and parts of Kentucky.  These dens of inequity were well fortified and often doors were hidden behind secret panels.  Such is the case at Quintana's Speakeasy.  So come join us for a dapper evening of fun & frolic. Hope to see you there.