Medley: Satin Doll / Makin' Whoopee

Lou Armagno

Lou Armagno and his band Sinatra Selects pay tribute to some great composers and lyricists with this medley of two great standards, "Satin Doll" (Billy Strayhorn, Duke Ellington, Johnny Mercer) & "Makin' Whoopee" (Walter Donaldson, Gus Kahn).

Lou Armagno and his band SINATRA SELECTS are "The closest you will ever come" to experiencing the live music of Frank Sinatra. Since their Cleveland debut, May 2014, they have been bringing the sounds of Sinatra and the Great American Song Book to the North Coast. Featuring Lou Armagno, vocals; Mike Elkins, piano; Marc Paige, saxophone; Jim Mass, bass; and Ricky Exton on drums, the musicians are all seasoned professionals from the area, and Lou previously entertained crowds in Honolulu. Their 2015 CD "Never Before" is a fantastic tribute to “Ole Blue Eyes” on his 100th anniversary and won a 2016 Hawai'i Na Hoku Hanohano Award. Lou debuted his 2013 CD Flyin’ High, (recorded in Hawaii) on Cleveland’s "Nighttown" stage.

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Never Before

Lou Armagno & Sinatra Selects

Celebrating 100 yrs of Sinatra! Ole' Blue Eyes recorded over 1200-plus singles. So to celebrate his 100th anniversary we picked out a few--like The Gal--"that got away!" Here are 13 tunes we'd liked to have heard him record. In the style of: SINATRA!

To everyone who has appreciated Mr. Sinatra this last century, no one will ever replace “Ole’ Blue Eyes.” But we hope you find within these 13 recordings a hint of the sounds of SINATRA in these selections, which he “Never Before” recorded. That was our intention. There’s at least one song to cover each of the 7 decades of his recording career. And to finding tunes he had not recorded wasn't easy--he recorded over 1200-plus singles during his career. So Happy 100th Birthday to you Mr. Francis Albert Sinatra...and many more!

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Flyin' High

Lou Armagno

A musical tribute to Mr. Francis Albert Sinatra at his 98th Birthday Anniversary!

This CD is dedicated to my beautiful grandchildren (Alycea, Nevaeh, Shenice, Master Huri, Exavier, Kanai, and to Miki), my personal RAT PACK who love listening to Frank Sinatra, watching Charlie Chan movies, and eating my spaghetti. It was produced to coincide with Mr. Sinatra's 98th Birthday Anniversary: A very humble tribute to the master. Special thanks go out to Stanton & Nora Haugen and their wonderful Jazz Band, Pierre Grille and Rendez-Vous Recording studio. And a very special thank you to the lady who encouraged me to record this CD; my vocal coach, musical director, and mentor throughout this wonderful ordeal, international jazz artist "GINAI". To everyone who may listen, I hope you enjoy the recordings and wish you a life filled with great music. As for me...I am truly “Flyin’ High!” Aloha Lou

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