Never Before

Lou Armagno & Sinatra Selects

Celebrating 100 yrs of Sinatra! Ole' Blue Eyes recorded over 1200-plus singles. So to celebrate his 100th anniversary we picked out a few--like The Gal--"that got away!" Here are 13 tunes we'd liked to have heard him record. In the style of: SINATRA!

To everyone who has appreciated Mr. Sinatra this last century, no one will ever replace “Ole’ Blue Eyes.” But we hope you find within these 13 recordings a hint of the sounds of SINATRA in these selections, which he “Never Before” recorded. That was our intention. There’s at least one song to cover each of the 7 decades of his recording career. And to finding tunes he had not recorded wasn't easy--he recorded over 1200-plus singles during his career. So Happy 100th Birthday to you Mr. Francis Albert Sinatra...and many more!

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